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4×4 Off Road Driving Experience

4 x 4 Off-Road Driving Experience

MadMax Adventures offer the finest 4×4 off road driving experience within Edinburgh, Scotland; its breathtaking driving course is specially designed to provide a fun and exhilarating day full of thrills. Sign up now to explore the vast and beautiful Scottish countryside with our impressive off roading Land Rover experience.

Off Roading Experience

Need more information about MadMax Adventures off roading experience? Take a look at our fact file! This file contains all the need-to-know information about our 4×4 off road driving experience, from the location to pricing.

  • Location: MadMax Adventures, Edinburgh
  • On site time: 1.5 hours
  • Activity time: 1 hour
  • Restrictions: 17 yrs +
  • Restrictions: full drivers licence is necessary
  • Activity price: £200 per vehicle (up to 3 people)
Need to ask more questions? That’s what we’re here for. Contact us today to talk to one of our helpful contact supports.

Land Rover Experience Scotland | What You Can Expect

Our Land Rover off roading experience is designed to introduce drivers to the testing skill of 4×4 off road driving; negotiating a variety of tough terrains including steep ascents, descents and traverses. To give you a taster of what you and your team will experience on our 4×4 off road driving experience here in the Scottish hills, have a look at the list below:

Thrilling Drives around Edinburgh

Head to the green hills, thrilling mountain roads and open countryside while facing challenging yet fun terrains as you prepare for mud, water and the country roads in one of our 4×4 vehicles.

Expert Course

Enjoy our courses and pick up our easy instructions with expert course instructors at our Edinburgh site. You don’t need to be an accomplished off-road driver to enjoy our exhilarating off roading experience; we’ve put together a 4×4 Land Rover experience that everyone can enjoy in Scotland.

Land Rover Experience in Scotland

Our off-road vehicles include Land Rovers (Land Rover Defenders, to be specific) that are perfect for 4×4 off roading. Challenge the impactful terrains within our Land Rover Defenders, the king of road driving experiences.

Why Choose MadMax Adventures For Your 4×4 Off Roading Activity?

If you’re looking for an events company that’s dedicated to ensuring that you and your group are guaranteed an unforgettable 4×4 off roading experience, then MadMax Adventures is the right choice for you! We are proud to boast about all we have to offer for this activity. 

We have a team of fully-trained, enthusiastic instructors, we’re surrounded by vast, breathtaking landscapes and natural roads to navigate one of our Land Rovers in and we provide this all for an incredibly reasonable, affordable price. Our 4×4 off road driving experience is definitely going to be one you don’t forget!

Our Off Roading Course Features

For the 4×4 off road driving experience, up to three guests will drive the iconic Land Rover Defender where you will learn and experience a range of 4×4 driving techniques for negotiating ascents, descents, side slopes and water runs; all culminating in an off-road course that develops some exciting driving skills and ensures a diverse off-road adventure.


Our specially designed 4×4 off road driving course incorporates hills, slopes and features all set in the picturesque Scottish woodland surrounding Edinburgh. This is an amazing experience and all the more memorable to experience just what these off-road vehicles are capable of!

Need To Know

Before we head into any exciting activities regarding our 4×4 driving event, there’s some things you need to know:

» We ask 4×4 Drivers to be age 17 and a full drivers license is necessary

» Spectators are welcome to take a spare seat in the back of the vehicle if available.

Off Roading Experience Frequently Asked Questions

Off roading is a driving activity involving unpaved surfaces such as grass, dirt, rocks, mud, snow and other rough types of terrain.

Well, since we provide you with the unbeatable Land Rover Defender we would say they are more than the best option for an off roading experience!

There are certain places around the UK where it is legal to go off roading. However, if you’re looking to go off road driving for fun, we would highly recommend experiencing the rough terrain through purchasing an experience day such as our own! With MadMax Adventures, you’ll have the security of fully-trained instructors to help you navigate the tough, yet beautiful terrains of the Edinburgh countryside.


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