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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting In Scotland

Clay pigeon shooting in Edinburgh is an exciting and challenging sport, ideal for both group and solo participation. Our purpose-built clay pigeon shooting range in Edinburgh offers you the perfect way to challenge friends at your Scottish stag or hen event, or colleagues as part of a team-building exercise.

Need more information about MadMax Adventures? Take a look at our fact file! This file contains all the need-to-know information about our clay pigeon shooting experience, from the location to the prices.
  • Location: MadMax Adventures, Edinburgh
  • On site time: 1.5 hours
  • Activity time: 1 hours
  • Restrictions: 14 yrs +
  • Activity cost: £60.00 per person

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What You Can Expect

Our clay pigeon shooting range outside Edinburgh is purpose built with a line of four butts offering a variety of “birds” including crossing, incoming and away. You will have 25 cartridges with more available for purchase on the day and unlimited clays.
Instruction is progressive, with easier incoming birds to start and more difficult away and crossing birds to test, challenge and entertain. A great experience, particularly satisfying when the clay “explodes” high in the sky!


Our Edinburgh shooting range has four butts which have been designed to enable a wide variety of clay target shooting options, with ‘birds’ crossing, incoming and travelling away – allowing you to develop your skill and increase the difficulty at your own pace.

Our Team of Expert Instructors

Our veteran instructors have a wealth of experience and are some of the best shooters in Scotland, they will have you hitting the targets in no time to get the thrill of seeing your exploding clay pigeon mid-flight. Book your clay pigeon shooting experience in Scotland today

Why Choose MadMax Adventures For Clay Pigeon Shooting

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Our Course Features

Clay pigeon shooting is a popular, on-the-rise sport that involves shooting flying clay targets with a shotgun rifle. This exciting and challenging sport is a fun experience that incorporates both friendly competition and thrills, as you slowly improve your skill to shoot the target into a million pieces. Madmax Adventures clay pigeon shooting course has on-site veteran instructors that can provide easy-to-follow instructions. But, if you want to improve your shooting skills, below are some tips for clay pigeon shooting.

Need To Know

Before we head into any exciting activities regarding our quad biking event, there’s some things you need to know:

» Our instructors are members of BASC (British Association of Sport & Conservation)

» Our clay shooting range has police approval under the provisions 11(6) of the Firearms Act 1968.

» Our clay range uses fully automatic traps
» Spectators are welcome to attend but would need to wait at Reception

Clay Pigeon Shooting Tips

Try and follow the pigeon’s flight, as it can be unpredictable whether it will rise or drop, speed up or slow down, or turn left or right. Once you get an estimation, you can predict where to shoot the clay target.
Watch the bird before you shoot. It’s easier to predict where they go once you identify where they shoot from.
Have fun! Our range is all about creating fun memories with your friends. So don’t be discouraged if you miss your targets, it happens. But don’t forget to have fun with the game.

What are clay pigeons made of?

Archery is an official Olympic sport that involves shooting arrows from a bow. The aim of archery is to shoot a target in order to acquire points. There are 4 types of archery, which are target, field, clout shooting and flight archery. MadMax Adventures usually focuses on target archery, possibly the most common type of archery that is known globally.

Are clay pigeons environmentally friendly?

A clay pigeon is not made from clay (as most would commonly acknowledge) but instead are made out of petroleum pitch/resin and talc mixed. These materials are considered harmful to the environment.
We at Madmax Adventures ensure that our ranges are properly maintained to minimize toxic distribution as much as possible.

Are clay pigeons harmful to animals?

As mentioned, clay pigeons contain toxic materials that can be considered harmful to the environment.
However, our instructors at Madmax always ensure that our range is as clean and environmentally friendly as possible for any wildlife.

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