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Experience Quad Biking, Scotland

Madmax Adventure’s quad biking experience days in Scotland has extensive and exciting trails, winding its way through the beautiful Kirknewton Estate grounds by Edinburgh.
Need more information about MadMax Adventures? Take a look at our fact file! Need more information about MadMax Adventures? Take a look at our fact file! This file contains all the need-to-know information about our Quad Biking, from the location to the prices.
  • Location: MadMax Adventures, just outside Edinburgh
  • On site time: 1.5 hours
  • Activity time: 1 hours
  • Restrictions: 16 yrs +
  • Activity price: £60.00 per person
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What You Can Expect

Our fleet of modern Honda Four Trax quad bikes are easily mastered and are great fun, letting you feel the rush of excitement as you navigate your way around, over and through a wide variety of Scottish terrain types and obstacles.

Highly Entertaining Experience

If you’re looking for a highly entertaining experience, then choose our quad biking in Scotland with our expertly trained quad biking instructors who know all the best areas to explore for the ultimate quad biking experience, leading you around the best track for quad biking in Edinburgh.

Why Choose MadMax Adventures For Quad Biking?

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Our Course Features

For the Scottish Quad Bike Safari you will be issued with safety helmets and be offered waterproof proof jackets and trousers. You will then be introduced to your quad bike, the popular and easily mastered Honda Four Trax 250 cc.

The quad biking experience is progressive. You’ll be mastering techniques in our training field before progressing to the bike safari where you will follow the experienced instructors and explore the stunning Scottish parkland over hills, round ponds and through woods. Steep muddy highland, gravel quarry or river plunges, we know where to find nature’s assault course! Having a fun day is our first priority, so your experienced instructor will tailor the quad trek to fit weather conditions and the ability of the group.

Quad biking activity days are exhilarating and exciting at the same time!


Need To Know

Before we head into any exciting activities regarding our quad biking event, there’s some things you need to know: 

» Minimum age for Quad bike riders is 16

» Our Quad Bike instructors are EASI/LANTRA accredited

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Where To Find Us

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