Archery in Edinburgh – Scotland

Visit the purpose-built MadMaxAdventures archery range in Edinburgh and you’ll see why we are so popular with groups looking to try their hand at archery in Scotland. We’ve established an exceptional archery shooting range that features a variety of targets and distances, offering challenges to both beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Deep down, everyone wants to grab a bow and see how they’ll do – and at MadMaxAdventures, you can experience the thrill of target shooting and the excitement of hitting your first bullseye.

Our Archery Shooting Range In Edinburgh

Our archery shooting range in Edinburgh is designed for safety and excitement. With our setting located in natural Scottish woodlands, the authentic feel of our archery range will enhance your experience with MadMax Adventures.

Our Expert Instructors

Our instructors at MadMax Adventures will ensure that you learn the correct features of archery, incorporating education and excitement within your time at our archery range. 

Our Aim

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you and your friends have a fantastic time. Whether the activity is quad biking or clay pigeon shooting, we at MadMax Adventures will ensure that you have a great experience.

Whether you’re bringing friends, or choose archery as part of a stag event or team-building activity, mastering the bow is a great way to build confidence and challenge yourself. You don’t need experience – but we’re sure that once you try archery at MadMax Adventures, you’ll want to do it again!

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Fact File

Everything you need to know about our archery activity can be seen here, from the location to the on-site and activity time!

» Location: MadMax Adventures, Edinburgh
» On site time: 1.5 hours
» Activity time: 1 hours
» Restrictions: 12 yrs +
» Activity price: £30.00 per person

What To Expect

Our archery range is set in an ancient Scottish wood just outside of Edinburgh and has four lanes offering targets at different ranges allowing you to progress from close to distant ranges. Your recurve bow will be appropriately sized to you with left and right-handed options available. Nothing better than the sharp thwack of the arrow as it hits the bullseye!

At our archery range, you can expect a day of education and entertainment.

Archery, like any other sport, can involve a large range of equipment and accessories. These include the bow, bracer, bow stand and of course, the arrows. 

After finishing a quick tutorial from our expert archery tutors, you will then be guided by our tutors to a variety of different games incorporated within our archery activity course. 

Information Pack: Archery Range

Have you never played archery before? Don’t worry too much, our guide below will help you quickly prepare for your stag/hen do clay shooting session with your friends:

What is Archery?

Archery is an official Olympic sport that involves shooting arrows from a bow. The aim of archery is to shoot a target in order to acquire points. 

There are 4 types of archery, which are target, field, clout shooting and flight archery. MadMax Adventures usually focuses on target archery, possibly the most common type of archery that is known globally. 

Archery Shooting Tips

  • Stay calm. The calmer you are, the less your arm will instinctually and gradually move around, which can allow you to shoot your target much more accurately.
  • Close one eye. Using one eye can usually allow you to accurately predict where your shot could land. 
  • Have fun! Our range is all about creating fun memories with your friends. So don’t be discouraged if you did not hit the target wanted, it happens. But don’t forget to have fun with the game.

Target archery involves archers shooting a set number of arrows at targets set at specific distances on a flat surface.

Find Our Location Here!

Refer to the map below for directions on how to visit our office in Edinburgh

Need To Know

Before you take part in our wonderful archery activity service, you and your group should note the following:

» Spectators are welcome to attend but would need to wait at Reception

As much fun as it would be to have spectators attend the archery range with you, they will need to wait at reception as at MadMax Adventures, safety is our priority next to bringing a fun and exciting experience for your group.

Not Convinced That Archery Is The Right Activity?

Don’t you worry. While archery may not be for every group, we can guarantee that one of our bespoke activities will be the right one for you!

4×4 Driving

Prefer to be on the open road with your best mates at your side? Our 4×4 driving experience can deliver this exact experience.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is for those who want more of a challenge than archery, check out our services for clay pigeon shooting!

Highland Games

Do you and your group have a knack for competition? Highland games are the right services for you.

Of course, our activities do not end there. If you’d like to see more, visit our dedicated services page for more activities!

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