Visit the purpose-built archery range at Mad Max, Edinburgh and you’ll see why we are so popular with groups looking to try their hand at archery in Scotland. We’ve established an exceptional shooting range that features a variety of targets and distances, offering challenges to both beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Deep down everyone wants to grab a bow and see how they’ll do – and at Mad Max you can experience the thrill of target shooting and the excitement of hitting your first bull! Our archery range is set in natural Scottish woodland for a truly authentic feel. We provide everything you’ll need, including expert tuition to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time on the archery range.

Whether you’re bringing friends or choose archery as part of a stag event or team-building, mastering the bow is a great way to build confidence and challenge yourself. You don’t need experience – but we’re sure that once you try archery at MadMax you’ll want to do it again!

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Fact File

» Location: MadMax Adventures, Edinburgh
» On site time: 1.5 hours
» Activity time: 1 hours
» Restrictions: 12 yrs +
» Activity price: £25.00 per person

What To Expect

Our archery range is set in an ancient Scottish wood just outside of Edinburgh and has four lanes offering targets at different ranges allowing you to progress from close to distant ranges. Your recurve bow will be appropriately sized to you with left and right handed options available. Nothing better that the sharp thwak of the arrow as it hits the bullseye!

Need To Know

» Spectators are welcome to attend but would need to wait at Reception

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