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9 Amazing Facts about Archery (Infographic)

From Robin Hood and Artemis, to Legolas and Lara Croft, archers have captured the imagination for thousands of years. Indeed, the art itself dates back to the Late Stone Age over 10,000 years ago! From there, it became a staple of combat and hunting for millennia, stretching to all corners of the globe. Ancient civilisations like the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Romans all used archery in warfare, and this practice endured until the arrival of gunpowder in the 1600s.

But archery is far from dead. Today, people continue to enjoy archery both recreationally and competitively. Here at Mad Max, we regularly welcome guests to our purpose-built shooting range to test their mettle and unleash their inner Katniss in an authentic woodland setting.  Beginners and enthusiasts are all welcome to come along and enjoy the thrill of shooting a bow – whether it’s for the first or thousandth time!

Of course, archery’s long and vibrant history means you can’t discover it all in an afternoon. There’s plenty more to learn, and to get you started we’ve put together this infographic sharing our favourite pieces of trivia about the sport.

Archery facts
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