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The Most Expensive Movie Stag Parties [Infographic]

If one thing’s clear, it’s that Hollywood knows how to party – and it’s pretty apparent in their depiction of stag dos too! From the Wolfpack’s night of Las Vegas debauchery in The Hangover to the antics of Jordan Belfort and his cronies during his stag do in The Wolf of Wall Street, there have been some pretty wild bachelor parties shown on screen.

A night in Las Vegas will set anyone back a bit – studies have shown that travellers spend around £190 a day during a visit and around £1300 for a full week. With plenty of casinos, entertainment, shopping malls and tourist attractions to enjoy, that’s no surprise. But if you wanted the full – ahem- ‘Hollywood’ experience, just how pricey would it be?

Although it’s probably not wise to kidnap Mike Tyson’s tiger, pull out your own tooth, or cause so much damage a whole hotel floor has to be refurbished, we’ve done the maths so you don’t have to. We’ve checked everything from hotel prices and private jet hire through to average Vegas medical bills and just how much you’d get fined if you were to drunkenly wreck a luxury suite (hint – it’s a lot.)

We’ve presented all our findings in the eye-catching infographic below. And if after reading you fancy something that’s still incredibly fun but far less expensive and/or life-ruining, make sure to check out our awesome stag and hen activity days.  And of course, you’re always free to paint the town red afterwards in the gorgeous surroundings of Edinburgh!

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