The Ultimate 6 Chapter Stag Do Guide

June 18, 2015

stag go guide

So, you’re planning a stag do but desperate for some ideas and inspiration? Look no further.

The Ultimate 6 Chapter Stag Do Guide has everything you could possibly need to organise the perfect stag do. From deciding on a destination to surviving the stag do, find all the most useful resources from around the web right here.

No need to waste time endlessly surfing the web, use the images below to navigate to your chosen chapter.


Chapter 1

Being organised is the key to a successful stag do

This applies mainly to the best man who will do most of the organising. Without you getting all the important information together off the group, quite simply, there won’t be a stag do.

So, being on the ball is a must, and here is how you can do just that…

Chapter 2

Choosing the right location can be make or break

Deciding on where to go for your stag do can be a bit of a head scratcher for some.

It really depends on what kind of experience you want to have, which is why we’ve gathered various different ideas for you to consider…

Chapter 3

Make your stag memorable with games and activities

Whether it’s adrenaline fueled action, “sensible” drinking games or something out of the ordinary, prepare in advance to make it cheaper and get some cool activities sorted out.

No need to look around, we’ve got the best suggestions and ideas right here…

Chapter 4

Save yourself some money with clever budgeting

Let’s face it, a stag do can get pretty pricey if you push the boat out.

Travel expenses, hotels, food and drink, activities – it all starts to add up pretty quickly.

If you’re looking for something more low budget, we’ve got some excellent suggestions…

Chapter 5

Surviving a stag do is difficult, but possible

If you’re preparing a stag go which you know will be booze infused, you might want to do a bit of preparation before hand.

We’ve done the hard part by getting the best pieces of advice together, now take our advice and give these a read…

Chapter 6

If you’re planning to prank, do it the right way

Now this chapter doesn’t apply to every stag do, but if you’re the kind of guys that are planning to pull a few trick or two, then you’ve come to the right place.

From small practical jokes to complete embarrassment, it’s all here, take your pick…