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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Stag Do Ideas in Edinburgh

Have you been given the “honourable” task of planning stag do ideas in Edinburgh? Welcome to Mad Max Adventures! Your one-stop-shop for everything an Edinburgh Stag Party needs! 

In this blog, we make your seemingly impossible mission of planning a stag do incredibly easy with our awesome range of stag activities all in one place, and not far from the Scottish city centre locations! 

We know how daunting the task is you’ve taken on here groomsman, but do not bottle it at the first hurdle! We’ve got your back here, that’s why we’ve put together this guide to make your job a very simple one. 

No need to stop at just booking one of our activities for the stag do. You can book multiple outdoor activities with us as one whole package! We accept online payments so your booking is reserved, and then you can crack open that beer, kick your feet back and start counting the days for the ultimate stag weekend to begin!

Scottish Stag Do

Level Up Your Stag Do In Edinburgh This Year

Level Up Your Stag Do In Edinburgh This Year

No matter what time of year, Scotland is the ideal destination providing a range of activities for every stag do. Scotland is the home of malt whiskey, comedy festivals, unique cuisine, mysterious monsters and endless opportunities for fun.

Here at Mad Max Adventures, we are located a short distance from Edinburgh city centre, Edinburgh airport, and all major transport links, making us the ideal starting point for your stag do ideas!

We have the following incredibly competitive and popular activities to get the stag groups adrenaline pumping, whilst making memories you’ll always remember!

So get the guys together for one last adventure before married life begins and make your stag party one to remember.

Stag Do Idea #1: 4x4 Off Roading Experience

Scotland’s green, rugged landscape is perfect for cruising off-road in a 4×4.

With a thrilling 4×4 driving course near Edinburgh, adrenaline junkie stags will love this ultra-exciting activity. With stunning views of the open country and mountain roads, Edinburgh is the ideal destination for stag party attendees to get their blood pumping.

In our 4×4 off-road driving experience, up to three guests will drive the iconic Land Rover Defender where you will learn and experience a range of 4×4 driving techniques for negotiating ascents, descents, side slopes and water runs; all culminating in an off-road course that develops some exciting driving skills and ensures a diverse off-road adventure.

Activity Factfile 

  • Location: MadMax Adventures, Edinburgh
  • On-site time: 1.5 hours
  • Activity time: 1 hour
  • Restrictions: 17 yrs +
  • Restrictions: A full driver’s licence is necessary
  • Activity price: £200 per vehicle (up to 3 people)

After your action-packed daytime activities, you can seek out some of Scotland’s most delicious and quirky cuisine like Haggis, deep-fried chocolate and macaroni cheese pie. All washed down with premium Scottish whiskey, of course.

As far as stag party ideas go, this one will surely be an unforgettable experience. Click here to start building your stag do activity package!

Stag Do Idea #2: Archery in Edinburgh

Adventure days in Edinburgh are what stag party dreams are made of. So round the guys up for a spot of archery and compete for top target points surrounded by the fresh Scottish landscape.

With MadMax Adventures, you can brush up on your archery skills while making lifelong memories with your stags.

What’s better than feeling a sense of accomplishment while having fun?

Activity Factfile

  • Location: MadMax Adventures, Edinburgh
  • On site time: 1.5 hours
  • Activity time: 1 hour
  • Restrictions: 12 yrs +
  • Activity price: £30.00 per person

Continue on the stag night by then venturing back into the Scottish capital, home to some of the most iconic bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Stag Do Idea #3: Chuck Axe-Throwing In The Stag Do Mix

Unleash your inner warriors with our ultimate axe-throwing experience. Our top-notch facilities just outside of Edinburgh offer a unique blend of excitement and camaraderie, ensuring that your stag day is filled with laughter and accomplishment. 

We prioritise your safety, provide top-quality equipment, and guarantee an atmosphere that is perfect for both beginners and seasoned throwers.

Stag Do Idea #4: Aim High With Clay Pigeon Shooting

Our purpose-built clay pigeon shooting range in Edinburgh offers you the perfect way to challenge friends at your Scottish stag event. 

Clay pigeon shooting is a popular, on-the-rise sport that involves shooting flying clay targets with a shotgun. This exciting and challenging sport is a fun experience that incorporates both friendly competition and thrills, as you slowly improve your skill to shoot the target into a million pieces, which staff will come out on top in this activity?

Clay Pigeon Shooting Factfile

  • Location: MadMax Adventures, Edinburgh
  • On site time: 1.5 hours
  • Activity time: 1 hour
  • Restrictions: 14 yrs +
  • Activity cost: £60.00 per person

Stag Do Idea #5: Quad Biking Safari

Master your quad biking techniques in our training field before progressing to the bike safari where you will follow the experienced instructors and explore the stunning Scottish parkland over hills, round ponds and through woods. We guarantee every stag will enjoy this adrenaline-pumping ride of their life! 

Quad Biking Edinburgh Fact File

  • Location: MadMax Adventures, just outside Edinburgh
  • On site time: 1.5 hours
  • Activity time: 1 hour
  • Restrictions: 16 yrs +
  • Activity price: £60.00 per person

Stag Do Idea #6: Highland Games, The Ultimate Finale

One of our favourites! Hold your very own mini Highland Games with us and put your skills and strength to the test. These Edinburgh Highland Games bring you a range of Scottish-themed outdoor activities to compete in. The Highland Games offer a true taste of Scotland’s heritage. From caber tossing and tug-of-war to unique games, it’s an experience like no other! Perfect for team building, hyping up the stags, and a brilliant finale for your daytime activities!

Highland Games Fact File

  • Location: MadMax Adventures, Edinburgh
  • On site time: 1.5 hours
  • Activity time: 1 hour (may vary based on group size)
  • Restrictions: Minimum of 12 participants, 10yrs +
  • Activity price: £40.00 per person

Organising A Stag Do In Edinburgh

Organising a stag do in Edinburgh has never been easier with our fantastic range of daytime activities and easy-to-book package options! Aside from our wide range of activities, we have other recommendations for you and your stag group to continue into the night!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Comedy lovers will love this stag party idea! The Edinburgh Fringe is a month-long comedy extravaganza with a buzzing atmosphere and copious amounts of entertainment.

What’s better than sitting in the Scottish summer sun with plenty of choice for craft beers, a pint of Tennent’s Lager or an Irn-Bru waiting for your favourite comedian’s show? Being there with your boys celebrating your stag do, of course! With endless pop-up beer gardens, such as the Assembly George Square Gardens, you’re spoilt for choice with the city centre nightlife scene.

You have the opportunity to plan in advance and schedule your place at some of the hottest and most hilarious comedy shows in the UK.

It’s recommended to book early, including accommodation, to avoid missing out on Edinburgh’s busiest and bustling month of the year.

Scotch Whisky Experience & Tasting Session in Edinburgh

Did you know there are two spellings for ‘whisky, whiskey’? Whisky without the ‘e’ refers to Scottish, Canadian and Japanese grain spirits. Learn something new every day don’t you! 

The quintessential gentlemen’s activity, whisky tasting is a highly recommended way to celebrate your stag do. Sipping on whisky is the height of sophistication and offers a relaxed way to enjoy a taste of Scottish culture.

Sample some of Scotland’s smokiest whisky at the best Edinburgh distilleries and artisan bars offering tasting sessions. The spotlight shines bright on the Johnny Walker Experience on Princess Street!

Craft Beer Tour In Edinburgh

If whisky isn’t your thing, there’s a thriving craft beer scene in Edinburgh. Take a tour of some of the city’s best breweries, sample a variety of beers, and learn about the brewing process. A few ideas below to point you in the right direction:

ScotBeer Tours

This company offers a variety of craft beer tours in Edinburgh, including brewery tours, pub crawls, and tasting sessions. Their tours are a great way to learn about the history of brewing in Scotland and sample some of the city’s best beers. 

Edinburgh Craft Beer Experience

This company offers a 4-hour craft beer tour that takes you to four carefully selected craft beer venues in Edinburgh city centre. You’ll visit breweries, taprooms, and specialist craft beer venues, each handpicked for their unique take on craft beer. You’ll also get to enjoy 10 craft beers (1/3 pints) along the way and learn about the beers from the brewers/owners of each venue. 

Stewart Brewing

Stewart Brewing is another great option for a brewery tour. Their tour lasts around 2 hours and includes a welcome beer, a behind-the-scenes tour of the brewery, and a tasting of several of their beers. 

Edinburgh City Centre Restaurants & Bars

After a day of action-packed fun at Mad Max Adventures, you’ll likely be starving, and it goes without saying you’re best lining your stomachs with a great meal in one of the top quality restaurants Edinburgh city centre has to offer. Remember, eating is definitely NOT cheating before heading to the best bars in town! 

Most restaurants in the city centre offer an energetic atmosphere to keep your adrenaline from your day activities at a high; the vibrant atmosphere of most eateries offer soft drinks, house beers, great grub and some live music! If you’re the type of group who are wanting to go fancy dress, call up the restaurant in advance and see if they’re okay with this! 

Build Your Own Edinburgh Stag Do Package Today!

As you can see there is plenty for everyone when planning stag do ideas in Edinburgh! We have it all here to kick start the future grooms stag weekend, why not click the link below to start building your action packed daytime activities! Give us a call if you need more information on any of our activities.

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